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Ahead of the big game in Phoenix, GQ Sports opened the doors to a new kind of hall, reserved for the coolest athletes on earth. 

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Deion Sanders

Welcome to the GQ Sports Style Hall of Fame
The multisport icon brought once-struggling Jackson State University back to its championship ways and, in the process, made himself the hottest coach in college football. Now as he heads to the University of Colorado, Coach Prime is ready to answer his next calling and take on the most exciting challenge of his career.Continue reading »

Allen Iverson

Welcome to the GQ Sports Style Hall of Fame
From his braids to his tattoos to his league-destroying crossover, Allen Iverson reimagined sports style for a new era. That renegade spirit has made him an icon and a scapegoat—and the survivor of a long journey through mega-fame.Continue reading »

Derek Jeter

Welcome to the GQ Sports Style Hall of Fame
He was baseball’s unblemished victory machine—the savviest champ of his generation. And his icy-cool aesthetic defined an era. But if you thought Derek Jeter was gonna let loose once he left Yankee Stadium, then you don’t understand the much longer game he’s playing.Continue reading »
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Inside the Gucci x GQ Sports Party in Phoenix