Global Editorial Director: Will Welch

Deputy Global Editorial Director: Adam Baidawi
Global Executive Design Director: Robert Vargas
Global Director of Editorial Operations: Sarah Schmidt
Global Creative Director: Roxanne Behr
Global Director of Content Strategy: Joel Pavelski
Global Director of Content Development: Daniel Riley
Global Features Director: Geoffrey Gagnon
US Site Director: Nick Catucci
Global Entertainment Director: Dana Mathews
Senior Special Projects Editor: Mark Anthony Green
Global Style Director: Noah Johnson
Articles Editors: Chris Gayomali, Alex Hoyt
Senior Staff Writer: Zach Baron
GQ Sports Director: Sam Schube
Digital Managing Editor: Codie Steensma
Editorial Operations Manager: Raymond Ang
Deputy Site Editor & Wellness Editor: Chris Cohen
Style Editor: Yang-Yi Goh
Senior Associate Editor: Frazier Tharpe
Fashion Writer: Samuel Hine
Staff Writers: Eileen Cartter, Samuel Hine, Gabriella Paiella, Cam Wolf
Assistant to the Global Editorial Director: Anthony O'Baner, Jr.


Associate Fashion Director: Miles Pope
Fashion Editor: Brandon Tan
Associate Fashion Editor: Haley Gilbreath
Fashion Assistant: Natalie Petit-Frere


Executive Director, Global Audience Development, Social Media & Analytics: Stephanie Williams
Director, Social Media: Katie Philo
Senior Manager, Audience Development: Kevin Schlittenhardt
Manager, Global Audience Development: Alex Wedel
Manager, Newsletter Strategy: Kelsi Trinidad
Manager, Analytics: Ashley Grates
Associate Manager, Social: Christian Rosa


Global Commerce Category Director, GQ/Fashion: Martin Mulkeen
Associate Commerce Director: Kyle Hodge
Commerce Editor: Avidan Grossman
Associate Commerce Editor: Tyler Chin
Commerce Writers: Gerald Ortiz, Michella Oré
Senior Commerce Producer: Emily Agjmurati


Global Visuals Production Director: Victoria Graham
Visuals Director: Stephanie Tran
Senior Visuals Editor: Daria Di Lello
Visuals Editors: Bowen Fernie, Brauna Marks


Design Director: Keir Novesky
Art Director: Michael Houtz
Global Production Director: Jim Gomez
Senior Production Manager: John Markic
Production Manager: Timothy Meneely
Web Producer: Gabe Conte


Copy Director: Corey Sabourin
Copy Manager: Gaylord Fields
Deputy to the Global Research Director: Mick Rouse
Research Managers: Matthew Browne, Julia Pagnamenta
Legal Affairs Editor, Content Integrity Group: Lucas Zaleski


Executive Director, Programing & Development: Josh Jun
Senior Director, Creative Development: Noel Howard
Director, Creative Development: Hasan Khalid
Manager, Creative Development: Jeremy Clowney
Programming Manager: Darnell Point-Du-Jour
Executive Producer: Traci Oshiro
Senior Video Director: Christopher Smith
Video Director: Robby Miller
Senior Video Producer: Lizzy Halberstadt


Director, Communications: Rachel Janc
Communications Associate: Izzy Goldberg


Fashion Director-at-large: Mobolaji Dawodu
Fashion Editor-At-Large: George Cortina
Contributing Stylists: Matthew Henson, Simon Rasmussen, Jon Tietz
Correspondents: Doug Bock Clark, Sean Flynn, Alice Gregory, Chris Heath, Julia Ioffe, Drew Magary, Brett Martin, Michael Paterniti, Daniel Riley, Wells Tower
Columnists: Joe Holder
Creative Director-At-Large: Jim Moore

GQ Global

Deputy Global Editorial Director (British GQ): Adam Baidawi
Head of Editorial Content, GQ France: Pierre M’Pelé
Head of Editorial Content, GQ Germany: Tobias Frericks
Head of Editorial Content, GQ India: Che Kurrien
Head of Editorial Content, GQ Italy: Federico Sarica
Head of Editorial Content, GQ Japan: Satoshi Niibori
Head of Editorial Content, GQ Mexico & Latin America: Urbano Hidalgo
Head of Editorial Content, GQ Spain: Daniel Borrás
Head of Editorial Content, GQ Taiwan: Kevin Wang
Editor in Chief, GQ China: Rocco Liu
Senior Global Content Planning Manager: Milly Tritton